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Picture of Maria (blond woman) standing in front of a creek in a wooded area

Hi there, thank you for stopping by! My name is Dr. Maria Wheeler-Dubas, and I am an educator, writer, and life-long learner based in Pittsburgh, PA. I am the founder of Backyard Nature, a non-profit organization focused on sparking wonder for nature and science, creating accessible and inclusive outdoor learning experiences, and supporting meaningful climate action. How can we help you, your family, or your organization meet your own learning goals and interests? Check out our Learning Adventures page and Blog to find out more! And if you would like to help support nature education for all, you can donate here!


Group of people standing next to North Park sign
Group of folks from Green Building Alliance who attend a nature walk with Maria at North Park.


Maria laughing while standing in front of a screen with a PowerPoint presentation that includes a map of migratory flyways in North America
Maria leading a children’s program on bird migration at the Penn Hills library.