What is the Dream?
Spark excitement for the wild world. Create a safe and inclusive space for anyone to connect with nature. Protect land for climate resilience.

We currently offer a range of educational nature programming designed for learners of all ages, and these programs are suitable for libraries, schools, community centers, homeschool groups, etc! The broader goal is to eventually build a nature center outside Pittsburgh, PA, to provide an accessible and inclusive space for anyone to safely connect with the outdoors.

Who are we?
Backyard Nature is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating exciting environmental education programming, and ensuring that education is accessible to all. Board members will be announced soon!

Maria Wheeler-Dubas is the founder and primary educator of Backyard Nature. Her undergraduate degree and Ph.D. are both in biology, and for over twenty years, she has volunteered and worked in multiple universities, zoo, museums, and botanic gardens. Overall, she loves nothing more than sharing the wonders of nature with children and families.

Also, these sections are always more fun with pets. Maria is a chicken mom to Laverne and Shirley and puppy mom to Thor and Loki. Adventure is her favorite word, and she is always up for traveling and seeing new places with her husband Rob, who also works in an environmental field.


How can we help you, your family, or your organization meet your own learning goals and interests?

Feel free to drop us an email at mariawheelerdubas*at*gmail.com, find us on Facebook at Backyard Nature, or connect with Maria on Instagram or Twitter @AquilaPrincess.

If you would like to support nature education for all, we would be honored to accept your donations here.